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Relaxicon 2024
Game Descriptions
TableTop RolePlaying Games

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A Mission for a Royal Princess

Mission for A Princess of Dunne

A Troll Production (A Princecon 41 adventure)


You are followers of the King of Dunne, Marvin the 1st. Yes, in the First installment Marvin was the Duke of Dunne. His is now King with two Queens, used to be 3 Queens. It is good to be the King. The bloody wars are over and the King rules all for the good of everyone and in peace.

However, since you were last called to duty things have changed again. The First Queen (Good Queen Anna) and the middle Prince (Prince Ralph age 7) have been murdered. The chief Judgice Father Thaddeus has led several parties to hunt down the villainous Pauline of the Plains. As part of this mission (which failed) It was discovered that across the great sea to the east there are Kingdoms. The Prince Pyre has offered an Alliance and Marriage in a critical location close to the evil Kingdom of Bell. This treaty is critical for the Kingdoms of Dunne. However, Princess Betty has questions.

Princess Betty convinced the King to help her determine if this is good idea or not, especially since the prince is young and a Paladin. Getting land access to build up an army to get to Bell. Now it is time for the adventurer’s to be called by the King. As his loyal followers what other choice is there? You must go if he asks.

The King’s spymaster Baron Thomas have summoned you all to keep the King’s promise. You will travel to the Viking land of Dingle one of the Kingdoms of Dunne and then take ship across the Ocean to get to Pyre. What will you meet? What Monsters will you encounter? What about the peoples of the Bell, do they pose a threat to the Six? There is also the question of who was behind a number of the royal Murders which occurred. Baron Thomas warned you to keep your eyes and ears open, there could be treason afoot. 

System:  Princecon 41 System

4-10 players, Family-Friendly

GAME SLOT TWO: SATURDAY 12noon-4pm, 4 hours

Warnings: Bad evil Monsters

Players need to bring:  All you will need is Dice.  Rule books will be provided. 

Primary GM:
Scott Gould


To sign up, please email Scott


Blades in the Dark:

Heist at the Cabinet of Curiosities (FULL)

In a dark, dismal and shattered world, a daring, but fledgling crew of rogues face a challenging job of "procuring" some precious items from a ghost-invested Cabinet of Curiosities (private museum). All for a rich, but pompous patron. It's either get the job done, or starve (which might be the kinder fate). 

System:  Blades in the Dark RPG system

6 players, 13+

GAME SLOT FOUR: FRIDAY 8:30pm-11:30pm, 3 hours

Warnings: Depressing setting, ghosts, drug use and maybe evil dudes but nothing R-Rated or other adult themes.

Players need to bring:  system uses d6s, I'll bring extras

Primary GM:

Mica Corradin

To sign up, please email Mica

(This game has filled.)

blades in the dark.jpg

Camelot has Fallen!  (Full)

King Arthur is dead. King Mordred rules over the desecrated lands that once were Camelot. You are among the last followers of Arthur's dream, the last of the Round Table members, men and women alike, who try to uphold the glories of the once green and pleasant land. But now tyranny and corruption stalk the land under the iron-mailed fist of Mordred, while foul magic has been unleashed and demonic creatures summoned from the shadows. Can you find the missing sword, Excalibur before the Iron Knights do? Will you be able to restore a small corner of light and drive back the shadows? Or will the Great Wrym's shadow eclipse the last vestiges of hope?

System:  Cthulhu Dark Ages (using Call of Cthulhu 7E)

4-6 players, R-Rated (18+)

GAME SLOT THREE: SATURDAY 7pm-12midnight, 4-5 hours

Warnings: Dark Themes, Sexuality, Violence, Cruelty

Players need to bring:  An open mind and a valiant heart

Primary GM:
Matthew Ruane


To sign up, please email Matt.  (this game has filled.)

cthulhu dark ages.png


Daggerheart is a TTRPG that has entered open beta. It is a fantasy setting with a new system being worked on at Darrington Press, the game design arm of Critical Role.

Daggerheart 2.png

System:  Daggerheart

2-5 players, Family Friendly

GAME SLOT ONE:  FRIDAY  8pm-12midnight (2-4 hours)

Warnings: none

Players need to bring:  nothing

Primary GM: John Swann

To sign up, please email John.

daggerheart 1.jpg


Dialect: A Game About Language and How It Dies 

A Freeform Tabletop RPG

Dialect is a game about an isolated community, their language, and what it means for that language to be lost. In this game, you’ll tell the story of the Isolation by building their language. New words will come from the fundamental aspects of the community: who they are, what they believe in, and how they respond to a changing world.


Players take away both the story they’ve told and the dialect they’ve built together.

5 players, 18+

The game's website is at:




1pm - 5pm, 3-4 hours

Primary GM:  Jay Law


To sign up, email Jay Law.



Dryad's Lost Treasure (FULL)

A Dryad has lost her most prized possession and threatens to destroy the logging village you call home. Gathered by the village elders, you are headed out to unravel the mystery of the Dryad's lost possession and recover whatever she lost before her vengeance strikes.


This game uses Dragonbane RPG that harkens back to the early days of roleplaying, but now updated for the 21st century. Fast, furious (i.e. occasionally deadly) and full of excitement, it is a robust but also simple system for all.

System:  Dragonbane

4-6 players, PG-13+


GAME SLOT FOUR:  SUNDAY  10am*-2pm3-4 hours

*please note this game starts 1 hour earlier than other games in this timeslot.  
Warnings: Horror, violence and playful innuendo

Players need to bring:  Enthusiasm and you will be taught the new system

Primary GM:
Matthew Ruane


To sign up, please email Matt.  (This game has filled.)

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From the Mountains

TableTop Horror RPG

You wake up. It's cold. What time is it? What day is it? Where are you? You're a member of a science expedition studying the changing climate that's been threatening the world, but there must have been a cave-in. You don't know how many days you were buried, but you need to make a plan with the rest of your crew. Try to escape, find out what you can, and make it home. Why do things feel so different? And what is that noise in the distance?


System:  Cthulhu

5-7 players, ages 16+


GAME SLOT FOUR: SUNDAY 11am-2pm, 3 hours
Warnings: Depictions of death and gore. Monsters. Horror. Climate change.

Players need to bring:  nothing

Primary GM:  Roman Mina

To sign up, please email Roman.

Season 45, Episodes 104-106

"All the Days of My Children Hospital" by John Wick

The town of Mangrove Hollow has many secrets. Desire and infidelity collide with even darker secrets, conspiracies, blackmail and even… murder? Can you navigate your way through the rocky rapids of deceit and betrayal to achieve your own ends… and at what cost?

Non-Traditional Tabletop RPG / Story Telling Game

5-6 players, 18+


Warnings: none

Players need to bring:  nothing required

Primary GM:
Jay Law


To sign up, please email Jay Law.

all the day of my children hospital.jpg

Songs of the Stone Age (FULL)

 You and your clan mates have just escaped from the City of the Red Moon Worshippers. You are all that remain of your clan, the last to escape being sacrificed by these foul and corrupted denizens. All you know is that they were going to unleash an imprisoned deity from under the Aberrant Vaults and this malevolent entity will wreck vengeance upon the ancestors of those who locked them away. Can you survive long enough to battle the dinosaur swarms and other assorted threats between you and your destination...the Aberrant Vaults?


Discover a world of raw action, primordial horror, and mystic awe. Planegea rises out of our earliest ancestral memory, a new-born world just barely recognizable, which holds all the adventure we can imagine. Drawn from the traditions of sword & sorcery pulp adventures, infused with the blood-pounding thrills of the Fury Road, and caught in the jaws of primordial dreams, Planegea calls to those who've felt the cold wind raise a chill of hunt and hope on their raw skin.

System:  Planegea Setting for D&D 5E

4-6 players, 18+

GAME SESSION TWO: SATURDAY 10AM-5PM, up to 7 hours (session will include a stone age lunch break)
Warnings: Dark Themes, Horrific monsters, extreme violence, primitive societies

Players need to bring:  Enthusiasm and a bit of knowledge about D&D 5E

Primary GM:
Matthew Ruane


To sign up, please email Matt.  (This game has filled.)


The Vampyre's Mirror

"We never even saw him...only heard his jeering voice and felt the icy chill of his ever watching stare..." - Alomark


The Wilmark Dynasty's "The Vampyre's Mirror" is a vintage fantasy and horror roleplaying experience by master storyteller Lee C. McCormick. It was published by the Wilmark Dynasty in 1981.


System:  Melanda Land of Mystery

8 players, 18+

GAME SESSION THREE: SATURDAY 7pm-12 midnight, 4-5 hours
Warnings: none

Players need to bring:  just themselves

Primary GM:
Peter Fitzpatrick


To sign up, please email Peter.


Washington, District of Chaos (FULL)

Eerie happenings in the Capitol lead our crack(ed?) team of agents from the Federal Bureau of Unexplained Phenomena to investigate why beloved monuments seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate. Think an X-Files adventure using the fast-paced and immensely fun Monster of the Week RPG system. 

System:  Monster of the Week RPG

6 players, Family Friendly ages 14+

Warnings: none

Players need to bring: 
Players may bring 6-sided dice, pencil & paper, or it will be provided.

Primary GM:
H. Burke Glover


To sign up, please email Burke.  (This game  has filled.)

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