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Relaxicon 2024



STEP 1:  Registration Form


Whether you are coming for the weekend or for an hour, please use this form to tell us you're coming. 


STEP 2:  Make a Payment


Registrations are unconfirmed until they are accompanied by a payment. 

See below for our list of prices,
and handy PayPal buttons for your use.



What does Relaxicon cost?

We have flexible options for you to choose from.

Click on any Price to be taken directly to Paypal.


Please Note: You must be Registered & Paid before you can sign up for games & events.
Anyone Registered & Pa
id by Feb 28th will get early access to the schedule & sign-ups.

Full-Weekend All Access Pass

to all Social Events & all our fabulous LARPs and TTRPGs.


$95 EarlyBird (Feb 1 - Feb 29) - ended March 3

$125 Standard Admission (from March 4th)

Age 14-17* Restricted Full Weekend Pass $50 anytime (Not all games will apply.)



(Give a little extra to help support our Concession Tickets.)

$125 EarlyBird (Feb 1 - Feb 29) - ended March 3

$150 Standard Admission (from March 4th)


(For our students, those un- or under-employed or under financial hardshipNo questions asked.)

$75 (anytime)



(Your first attendance at an in-person event produced by The Wilmark Dynasty.)

$50 (anytime)

More Registration Options

(No Earlybird/Standard/Late.  The only restriction is you must be Registered & Paid before you can sign up for games & events.)

More Full Weekend Options:
Board Games & Social Pass    $75

(18+hours of board-gaming available, spread out comfortably over the weekend.)

Newbie or Concession Board Game & Social Pass $50

Age 14-17* Board Games & Social Pass   $30

Under Age 14* Board Games & Social Pass   FREE

Social Only and/or After Hours Pass   $20

Partial Weekend options:

One Game Slot Only - Full Access   $35

One Game Slot Only - BGS   $25

One Evening Only - Social / After-Hours Pass   $10

2 Game Slots - Full Access   $65

2 Game Slots - BGS   $45

Have questions or another need we haven't mentioned? 

Get in touch.

* Please see our Policy Regarding Minors before Registering.

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Continue to Step 3:
Hotel Reservations


Hotel Reservation Deadline is March 31st.

Room Type Preference will be given on a first-served basis, so don't delay!

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