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Policy Regarding Alcohol

The Wilmark Dynasty's Policy Regarding Alcohol

This version of our policy applies to the Relaxicon 2024 event only.



  • Registered attendees 21 years and older are permitted to bring and consume their own alcoholic beverages under the following guidelines:

    • Per hotel policy, no glass containers of any kind (with or without alcohol) are permitted in the Main Event Space (including the Foyer and Breakfast Area). This includes any bottles in coolers.  (Attendees without hotel rooms (only) may place a small cooler under our snack tables for your own use.)  

    • If you have a hotel room, please limit what you bring down to the space to what you are actively consuming.  We recommend you bring a nice plastic cup - preferably opaque - which you can identify as your own for use throughout the weekend.  

    • We have been asked to keep it subtle, so no wandering the hotel with open containers, please.  

  • No one under the age of 21 or without proper identification may consume alcohol.  The Council reserves the right to request ID from any person who appears under the age of 30 during Registration or at any other time during the convention.  

  • During Quiet Hours (10pm - 10am) we ask that everyone restrict their socialization to within the Main Event Space.  Please do not party at night in hotel rooms.  The Main Event Space will be open until 4am.

  • DO NOT over-imbibe.  The Wilmark Dynasty reserves the right to eject attendees at any time for any reason without warning, which includes public drunkenness.

  • DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK.  Ever. Period. 
    That said, accidents do happen: If you need a ride, we will help you.

  • Anyone breaking these rules may be not only ejected from this event but could be banned from future events.  

Updated January 26 2024

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