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Policy Regarding Alcohol

The Wilmark Dynasty's Policy Regarding Alcohol

This version of our policy applies to the LABOR DAY WEEKEND 2023 event only.

On Friday and Saturday evenings from 9pm until last call at 12:45am the plan is to have a private cash bar in the game area.  There is as bar/restaurant onsite, and when it is open you can purchase and consume drinks there (so pre-LARP/dinner drinks should be available there).


PLEASE NOTE:  YOU MAY NOT PARTY IN HOTEL ROOMS FOR THIS EVENT, due to NOISE CONCERNS.  We realize that the arrangements are not the most convenient, and you may of course go to your own room to partake, but please do not invite others to your room to socialize.  We have proven in the past that hotel walls are insufficiently sound-proofed for even the most well-intentioned con-goers.  We may return to this venue in future, and they will not invite us back if we cause problems. 


  • All beverages consumed anywhere other than inside of your hotel room must be purchased from an onsite hotel bar.  Drinks purchased in the bar/restaurant must be consumed there or in your hotel room.  Drinks purchased from our Cash Bar in the Event Foyer may be consumed in the Event Space.  

  • No sharing of open containers outside of your household, per the COVID policy.

  • No one under the age of 21 or without proper identification may consume alcohol.  

  • DO NOT over-imbibe.  The Wilmark Dynasty reserves the right to eject attendees at any time for any reason without warning, which includes public drunkenness.

  • DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK.  Ever. Period. 
    That said, accidents do happen: If you need a ride, we will help you.

  • Anyone breaking these rules may be not only ejected from this event but could be banned from future events.  

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