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Relaxicon 2024
Game Descriptions
Live-Action Roleplaying Games (LARPs)

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Camelot Court of Love
Breach of Promise

Scandal at Camelot! Secrets and intrigue! A broken betrothal! A Knight aspiring to win a seat at the Round Table abruptly breaks off a betrothal to a Lady of the Court. All parties involved are being suspiciously tight lipped about the circumstances around this Breach of Promise. Can Queen Guinevere’s recently established Court of Love untangle this undoubtedly sordid tale? Against a backdrop of the pageantry of the Arthurian legend of Camelot, the cast of royals, knights and ladies will plot, investigate mysteries, make their arguments heard, and find romance…or not.

Based on a Pendragon Campaign

12-20 players, Family-Friendly 10+


SATURDAY 1-5PM, 4 hours

Warnings: A lot of Romance,
but not explicit sexuality

Primary GM: Mica Corradin 

Other GMs: Kyra Corradin

To sign up, please fill out this form.


Come on Barbie,

Let's go Party!

Come on Barbie! Let's go Party! Come to Barbieland for an ultimate Barbie party. Mix and mingle with Barbie, her friend Barbie, and even Ken! There will be a party, tons of positivity, a healthy heap of pink, and some lighthearted plot.

Note: This game has a strict game-related dress code.

Players should avoid wearing black, grey, and greige clothing to game. Please avoid these colors as the primary color of a piece of clothing worn to the game.

12 players, 18+

GAME SLOT THREE:  SATURDAY 9pm-11pm, 2 hours
(possibly to be followed by unofficial Barbie-themed dance party until 12:30am)

Game Space:  Party Lighting, Music

Game Themes:  Gender roles/stereotypes as plot elements

Primary GM:  Rita Flaherty

(additional GM Pete)

To sign up, please fill in this casting form 
(This game is now Full, but the GMs are accepting additional signups as a waitlist.)

First Contact.png


The earth is as we know it today more or less. No war at this time but the tensions are there and there is a great deal of competition between countries.


You will play 1 of 2 alien spacecraft coming into the solar system towards earth for first contact, OR one of up to 10 earth-based countries/organizations (i.e SETI, UN, US, Russia, China, EU, etc). Your considerations are all that you would expect. Detection, communication, economic, scientific, military, etc.


You have the full range of responses to the aliens or other countries based on your interpretation of your best interest or humanities best interest.


This game will play in a series of discussions with 5 to 10 minute time slots and 1 hour periods.


How you deal or discuss with each other is fine. There is the option of starting a nuclear war. Other wars could be started but not concluded before the aliens arrive in orbit.


The situation will change as the crafts approach earth Orbit and as the earth-based countries deal with each other.


The aliens will have their own agendas and how they play it will be up to those players.


Considerations include what is winning? Who will win? How can you win? Will there be a Human race when the aliens arrive?


This is the first run of this game and I assume we will play it at future larps with different players or people playing different countries each time. Materials will handed out at the start of the game based on first come sign ups.

7-12 players, FAMILY-FRIENDLY


GAME SLOT FOUR: SUNDAY 11am-2pm, 3 hours
Warnings: none

Primary GM:
Scott Gould


To sign up, please email Scott



Six of the very few remaining Force users have converged at a strange, ancient Temple that calls out with a powerful concentration of the Force. It is 41 ABY, and the Galaxy is in turmoil. It’s been six years since Emperor Palpatine was finally destroyed in the Battle of Exegol, along with all of the Sith. The Jedi are long dead, the result of the treacherous and devastating Order 66. The New Republic is struggling to rebuild in the Core. The Rim is fragmented and broken into thousands of small political groups, each fighting for power and advantage.


This forgotten Temple, located on a lonely, unknown world named Andama, sits far out in the Rim, well beyond any of the usual trade routes and colonies. Six determined beings, with six different agendas, and very different views of the Force, have entered, only to discover there’s no way out…

External Game Link:

6 players, ages 18+


Warnings: There is medical experimentation, murder, torture, and genocide in the backstory. There are threats to loved ones, including children. Some form of abusive relationship is almost inevitable in master/student pairings, regardless of whether they are Sith or Jedi. There is drug abuse and alcoholism in the back story, but none of the characters are addicts or alcoholics.


Players should costume, including lightsabers. Combat will be resolved through non-contact mechanics.

Primary GM:   Jenny Diewald

To sign up, please email Jenny.  

The Man in the Tower:  Unrest in the City (FULL)

The Prologue


The year is 20XX, and the future is now. Three ingenious inventors have plugged in the city to technology that far surpasses that of any other power in the world. In this society the city is truly a shining beacon on a hill ruled over by those that control the Tower.


They are not without their troubles. A.I. and robots have taken many of the jobs of humans, and many of the humans have become junkies from plugging themselves into the virtual reality system known as 'The Network'. But there is no resisting the will of the Tower...or is there?


Inspirations: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bladerunner, The Matrix, Battlestar Galactica, Ready Player One, Tron, Westworld, V for Vendetta.

Pete game.png

15-20 players, Family Friendly


GAME SLOT ONE:  FRIDAY 8pm-12midnight, 3-4 hours

Primary GM: Peter Fitzpatrick

To Sign Up:  Please email Peter.  (This game has filled.)

Under My Skin (cancelled)

Part of the Romance Trilogy by Emily Care Boss

'Under My Skin' is a game about passion, fidelity and definitions of love. A group of friends get together and secret loves and passions erupt. Partners and lovers have to face up to their fears and jealousies as they find that time has taken its toll on their relationships. People learn about themselves and what love really means.


'Under My' Skin is a live-form role playing game for 6 or 8 people. Focused and intuitive, the game can be played in one session with no prior preparation required. Players take the roles of people who fall in love with their friends and deal with the fallout this entails. Create tangled webs of lovers and friends, with their hopes and dreams and shared relationships on the line. Mature themes. Dynamic live action scene framing based on Nordic jeepform.


Game play to be preceded by a workshopping session for characters.

6 or 8 players, 18+


GAME SLOT TWO: 5-7 hours
Warnings: By default the game addresses infidelity, and it would not be a leap for it to address LGBTQIA+ and sexual themes, non-binary genders, non-monogamy, and the whole gamut of adult interactions in relationships.

Game cancelled due to lack of advanced sign-ups.

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