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(this page will be edited as questions come in)

Are any meals or snacks included in the ticket price?
Not this time, we left them out and kept the price as low as we could.
There is a bar/restaurant onsite and other options within driving and/or delivery distance.  There is a WAWA in walking distance via a crosswalk as well, I'm told.  The bar/restaurant seems reasonable, but will not be able to accommodate everyone all at once during meal breaks.  There will be water stations in the event space. 

Can we bring in our own alcohol?
Not this time.  All drinks must be purchased onsite, unless you are in your hotel room.  You may not socialize/party in hotel rooms, however, as we can't risk noise complaints. 
On Friday and Saturday evenings from 9pm until last call at 12:45am the current plan is to have a private cash bar in the game are
a (soft drinks, beer, wine, cocktails - and mocktails if we can arrange it). There is as bar/restaurant onsite, and when it is open you can purchase and consume drinks there (so pre-LARP/dinner drinks should be available there).

Can I bring my partner who isn't playing in the LARP just to hang out?
Or, can I just drop by on Saturday night to visit?

Yes, but all attendees must be registered and pay for a Social/Sunday Pass.

What if I'm not planning to stick around on Sunday,
is there a reduced rate?

Not this time.  We've tried our best to keep the fee low and the rates simple, rather than offering a complicated variety of packages.  

Can I stay offsite?
Yes.  But please bear in mind that we have a minimum # of room nights to meet, so it's helpful if as many people book hotel rooms as possible.

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