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Relaxicon 2024
Game Descriptions
Board Game & Social Events

Board Game Room

Looking for a game tournament,

a pick-up game, or just want to chill? 

Come to the Board Games Room.

The Board Games Room is the social hub of our Relaxicon weekend. 

Bring some games you love, or come play one of ours.

Or, you can sit around and watch, craft, chat, or just chill out.

We’ll have attendants on hand throughout the weekend to run events, suggest a game, help you find other players, or teach you a game.

Tournaments in Hearts and Catan, late night runnings of Blood on the Clock Tower, and a Mysterium Salon are planned. Plus, a sampling of pick-up games include CodeNames, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Wingspan, Love Letter, The Crew, Yahtzee and more.  No advanced sign-ups are necessary.


The Days of Knights is sponsoring some of the games and tournaments, as well as providing prizes for organized gaming events in the Board Game Room. A big THANK YOU to DOKs for their continuing support.


Blood on the Clocktower


On the Stroke of Midnight...


​During a hellish thunderstorm, a scream echoes through the sleepy town of Ravenswood Bluff. The townsfolk rush to investigate and find the beloved local storyteller has been murdered, their body hanging limp from the clocktower. As blood drips onto the cobblestones below, a realisation slowly dawns… a demon has been unleashed, killing by night and taking on human form by day.​

Can good find the demon in time? Or will evil overrun this once peaceful town?

Blood on the Clocktower is a game of murder and mystery, lies and logic, deduction and deception for a group of courageous players and one devious storyteller.

A social game played in person, seated in a circle, each player receives either a ‘good’ or ‘evil’ token with their unique character on it. Good players share information to solve the mystery whilst evil players lie about who they are and what they know. The good team wins if they can piece together their knowledge, trust each other, and execute the demon. The evil team wins if the demon can sow distrust, evade detection, and wipe out the village.

6-15 players, Family Friendly

Two Runs:

FRIDAY LATE-NIGHT (technically Saturday) 1AM  2 hours

SATURDAY LATE-NIGHT (technically Sunday) 1AM  2 hours

Primary GM: Jason Gagliardi

This is a pick-up game, no sign-ups will be taken.


Can you get out in time?

UNLOCK Mystery Adventures (Space Cowboys)

and EXIT the Game (Kosmos)

Card based Escape Rooms - UNLOCK and EXIT the Game. Options! Come with friends or come alone and try to escape a variety of rooms using cards. Your attention to details are your best bet!


Easy, Medium and Hard levels.

There is a phone app to assist and time you.


We can run several games at once. Up to 1 hour each to solve.

1 - 6 players, Family Friendly ages 12+ (younger players may watch along)

GAME SLOT FOUR: SUNDAY 11am-2pm (games are 1 hour each)

Primary GM: Ginny Swann

(Possible Second GM:  Stephanie Swann)

To Sign Up:  Please email Ginny.  


CATAN Tournament

4-16 players, Family Friendly ages 10+

Game Session THREE:  Saturday  7-9pm, 2 hours

Primary GM: Burke Glover

There will be no advanced sign-ups before the con. 
There will be a sign-up sheet in the Board Game Room,

or you can turn up a little before 7pm if places are still available.


Catan is a classic board game that brilliantly blends strategy and luck. It's perfect for tables of 4 players to compete for resources to "Trade, Build and Settle."


Each player will compete in 2 games.

Prizes awarded to top score/s. Sponsored by The Days of Knights.

Hearts are Wild!


Break some hearts with us!
We’re going back to a cards classic with a hearts tournament!
Whether you're a life-long lover of the game who can shoot the moon every round or a beginner who wants to learn more, you’ll have a great time breaking hearts and avoiding the dreaded Black Widow.
The number of rounds/tables/etc. will be based on sign ups, so put your name in the ring for a not-quite-cutthroat (but probably still competitive) time!
When signing up, please indicate:
Whether you are Beginner (what's this about a moon?), Intermediate (I've been known to shoot the moon now and then), or Hearts Master (The moon is my summer home).

A Prize has been donated
The Days of Knights for the Hearts Champion!

4+ players, Family Friendly


Primary GM: Renee Schulz

To Sign Up:   No advance signups taken. 
Please come at 1pm for signups and table placement.


Mysterium Salon

Join us in lighting the (electronic) candles, opening the third eye, and busting out our copies of Mysterium, the board game. We will provide a copy of classic Mysterium and Mysterium Park as well as some excellent otherworldly vibes (aka music, ambience, light decor). Players are invited to dress as a fortune teller, circus performer, or one of the canon characters from the games.


Extra copies of the game and your best impression of Professor Trelawney are welcome!

No need to sign up to play, but if you'd like to be a Ghost, please e-mail Aimee, thanks!

Game System:  Mysterium the Board Game with the fun element of costuming thrown in!

We’re inviting players to come and play classic Mysterium or Mysterium Park dressed as a fortune teller, circus performer, or one of the canon characters from the games.

4+ players (1-3 tables), Family Friendly ages 10+


Primary GM: Aimee Celeste
Other GMs: Erin Venable, Kyra Corradin (The Mysterious Mavens)

This is a pick-up game, no sign-ups will be taken.

mysterium 2_edited.jpg

Newbies Meet & Greet!

Welcome Wilmark Newbies!


This Meet & Greet is a space for anyone new/new-ish to meet one another, chat with some Wilmark council members, and get gaming fuel in the form of coffee and snacks.


"Oldbies" are also encouraged to attend and get to know our expanding community!


So, stop by and say "hi!"

Coffee, Snacks, and Chit-Chat!

Family Friendly, unlimited players, no sign-ups necessary!

GAME SLOT TWO:  SATURDAY 11am-12noon, 1 hour

Primary GM: Kyra Corradin
Other GMs: The Wilmark Council

This is a pick-up event, no sign-ups will be taken.

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