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Relaxicon 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What else should you know about Relaxicon 2024?

Email us your questions.  We'll respond to you ASAP and may also include your questions and answers here.

Topic:  Venue

Can you order delivery food? 

Yes, you may order for yourself or in small groups.

Will there be water stations?

We will have a small selection of complimentary snacks and drinks in the Ballroom, including bottled water.  We will also put some water in the Double Room.

You may also bring your own snacks & drinks.  If you have a hotel room, please only bring what you are actively consuming into the event space. If you are not staying at the hotel you may put a small cooler under the snacks table.

Please Note:  No Glass Containers are permitted in the Main Event Space, including inside coolers.

Has Wilmark run other events here? 

Yes.  Gamefest/On Location in Fall 2022
and Relaxicon 2023! were both run here.

Topic:  Events

Will there by a Styx this year?

Sadly, no.  Having lost the use of the Auditorium, we are giving Amateur Night at the Styx a rest this year.

Will there by a sing-a-long this year?

Maybe.  The auditorium would have been the best location, as the other spaces are rather echo-y. 
So, we'll do our best to find the right location, but make no promises, 
as we have to be sure we aren't bothering other guests at the hotel.



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