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Extra Events in 2020

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

ChillCon ran on Saturday May 23rd (with even more chill gaming on Friday and Sunday).

Coming off a high from our virtual Relaxicon, and gearing up toward more LARPing over Labor Day Weekend, we wanted to keep the fun going.

Download PDF • 309KB

Good times were had! We learned more about virtual LARPing, we chillaxed on Sunday - huzzah.

* * * * *

June Gaming!!

We ran SO MANY events in June. It was madness, but (hopefully) the good kind.

It was great to continue to use our Discord Server to connect, even just on a weeknight for a few hours. There was much laughter, silliness, and friendship. I loved every minute of it.

Amongst our more notable events was our Fairy & Goblin Tea Party. Treats and games and costumes and a little friendly competition - what's not to love? (For those what are curious, the GOBBOS won the day!)

* * * * *

Virtual Con 1.7 - Summer Edition -

Continuing on with the come-together spirit throughout 2020, we hosted another light weekend of gaming in July.

No website to peruse this time, we kept it simple. Just a brochure with a schedule and instructions for how to play games!

vcon 1.7 brochure
Download PDF • 663KB

We escaped non-existent rooms (or tried to), we table-top roleplayed in the desert, we drank cocktails and chatted, succeeded or failed at trivia, and even LARPed a bit! Oh, and we produced our first Select-a-Host event for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend virtual Amateur Night at the Styx!

A big thank you to those who came together and made new memories! What a great weekend it was.

Once this madness is all over, we well may add Summer and Winter virtual events to our annual calendar... we shall, as they say, see.

(As always, if anyone wants pictures removed or has some to contribute, please send an email to

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