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Policy Regarding Minors:


Our Policy for the Labor Day Weekend 2024 event, featuring Casablanca Station:

Events produced by The Wilmark Dynasty are family-friendly productions. 

We think it's a wonderful hobby which nourishes creativity and welcome first-, second-, and third-generation gamers to join us!

The writers of Casablanca Station openly welcome minors to this event. Characters will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

The following general policy still applies.

Most of our player base is happy to play with minors, but participation is not in any way to be confused with childcare; neither can you assume Council Members or other attendees will be responsible for your child.  

To keep everyone as happy and healthy as possible, we do have a few policies regarding the attendance of minors, which are as follows:

1) Not every event will allow for minors, based usually on content.  Please check the registration and game information *before* signing up to any event. 

2) When registering a minor for the con, you will have to identify their "responsible adult" - a parent or legal guardian, who will act as our first point of contact for the minor.  The primary email in use should be for the "responsible adult"; you may also provide an additional email address for the minor if desired.  You may also list additional parent/legal guardians at this time (see item 7).  Please use the "other" box for this additional information.  You will have to fill in any additional forms and sign any waivers in use on their behalf.  

3) For minors aged 15-17:  The "responsible adult" must accompany any minor under 18 to the entirety of the con, they will need to be available somewhere in the Main Event Space (including for these purposes the breakfast area, but not a gaming suite unless the minor is also in the same gaming suite.)

​4) For minors aged up to 14:  The "responsible adult" must accompany any minor under 14 at all times (within the same event space).  If they register for a game or participate in a game/event, you must either also register/play or be on-hand as a chaperone.​

5)  Not every adult is keen to play with minors.  We ask simply that you keep an eye on your child and any adults they interact with in case of a clash or seeming discomfort.

6)  The "responsible adult" is fully responsible for assessing all physical dangers and safety concerns on behalf of the minor, and takes responsibility for keeping the minor safe, and within the vicinity of the event area.  Running, horseplay, and other physically dangerous activities will not be a part of our program, and are therefore prohibited. ​

7)  Exceptions to the parent or legal guardian rule (in the case of extended family or parental partners) can be requested if this information is clearly communicated to a Council Member and agreeable to all adult parties.  It is important that it be clear to us who is responsible for all attendees under the age of 18 in accordance with this policy.

Updated April 24 2024

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