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Recommended Viewing

The writers have helpfully compiled a list of recommended viewing for those players who wish to delve more fully into the fictional universe in which the LARP will be set.  In addition to, of course, new material, many of the characters and some of the plots will have been inspired by existing source material. 


No one is required to watch any of this, but you may find the LARP more enjoyable if you understand the references.  At the very least, it is recommended you watch something from the following list that relates to your character, once it is assigned.

The Council hopes to schedule some shared-viewing social evenings. 

If/when we do, we'll post dates here, on Facebook, and on Discord.  


Player Watchlist List


Top Highlights….


Casablanca - 1942 movie

Star Wars - Rogue One

Star Wars - Episode IV, A New Hope

Star Trek TOS - I Mudd

Star Trek DS9 - The Magnificent Ferengi 

Firefly  - War Stories, ep 10


Important, Less Well Known, in Approximate Order of Relevance


Dark Matter  - #1 Episode One  (& Two)

Farscape - Season 1 #19 (Nerve) & #20 (The Hidden Memory)

Red Dwarf  - Season V - The Inquisitor

Futurama - How Hermes Requisitioned his Groove Back  - Season 2, Episode 11

Babylon 5 - S 01 E 03 Born To The Purple

Cowboy Bebop - (1998 Anime) Session 14 "Bohemian Rhapsody" 

Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai - Movie 

Star Trek TAS - The Slaver Weapon - Season 1 Episode 14 

5th Element  - Movie

Archer 1999  - Mr. Deadly Goes to Town - Season 10 Episode 5

Thundercats - (1985 Series) #1 Episode One  

Spaceballs - Movie 

Flash Gordon - 1980 Movie

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