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The Council

Elyssia McCormick - Khaleesi

Renee Schulz - Hand of the Khaleesi

Jason Gagliardi - Thumb of the Khaleesi

Aimee Celeste - Social Media / "Cat Herder"

Kyra Corradin - Your Ever Luvin' Buddy

Mica Corradin - The White Witch

Lee McCormick -  The Hermit

Elyssia Keeryn McCormick

Title: Khaleesi

Head of the Council & all Admin.

Elyssia has been attending Wilmark Dynasty events since the womb, and is the eldest of the “second generation” of gamers spawned by The Original Council members.  She has come a long way from spending the weekend games clambering on Jack Connor’s lawnmower, to her position as Head Wench, and now lead-producing both of The Wilmark Dynasty’s annual events.

She produced her first LARP before she even played one, and was mentored by several members of the previous council.  She worked with John Corradin both at The Days of Knights and on Wilmark Dynasty events for over twenty years, producing LARPs, hosting Amateur Night at the Styx, running the game shop, producing/ wenching/ singing at Bilbo’s Birthday party and every other event she could get her hands on.  She lives to bring joy to others, and considers it an honor and her legacy to continue The Wilmark Dynasty’s traditions (even as she slowly drags them into the 21st century).

These days, in addition to her WD responsibilties, she writes, runs, and plays in LARPs and attends conventions all over the US and Europe.  She lives in London, married to her Prince Charming, Tony Mitton, where she is surrounded by castles and other fabulous gamer-inspiration.

Renee Schulz

Title: Hand of the Khaleesi

Production and Decorating Guru

Renee has been playing with Wilmark Dynasty since 2010, when she attender her first Relaxicon.  Soon after, she was Cast for Oscars 2012!, where she was terminally bitten with the “behind the scenes” bug.  She has helped write and GM Wilmark’s running of Once Upon a Time in Tombstone and Lullaby of Broadway III and has loved playing a man-eating (literally) Summer Fae, a famous 1920s lounge singer, or any number of corpses (she seems to play dead a lot).  But what she really loves is converting hotels into whatever worlds the GMs and writers create for the players.

Renee primarily heads up the production aspects of Wilmark conventions; look for her before any LARP and she’s probably knee deep in fabric.  But, as her title implies, she pretty much does whatever Elyssia needs her to.  When she’s not trying to get players to join the scenery brigade, she makes a living writing marketing materials and singing in churches.

Jason Gagliardi

Title: Thumb of the Khaleesi

Production and Technical Assistant

Jason has been a member of Wilmark dynasty since his first LARP when he was 15, and he’s been a fixture ever since as the second of three generations in the organization.  He loves playing memorable and often doomed characters like the villain Lo Pan or the incorrigible interstellar thief the Fox. 


Jason is most often found helping Renee Schulz in setup, teardown, and managing the space at events.

Kyra Corradin

Title: Your Ever Luvin' Buddy

Daughter of two of Wilmark’s founding members, John and Mica Corradin, Kyra has been role playing with (and often pulling the wool over the eyes of) seasoned gamers since the tender age of 5. Kyra loves role playing! Whether it be grunting as goblin priestess Godfried or accepting an Oscar as Hollywood’s “it” girl Samantha Foxworthy, she’s not afraid to make a scene. 

In addition to role-playing, Kyra also lends her artistic talents to the production of props and scenery, creating specialized pieces for Wilmark’s annual Labor Day LARPs. In recent years, Kyra has become increasingly interested in the writing/GM-ing aspect of gaming and has developed several stories that are waiting to be produced (get excited). Past writing credits include: the weekend-long, theatrical larp Unchained: the Journey Home, as well as mini-larps including Dinner with the Cardies and The Fairytale Larp: The Wedding of Bluebeard and Gretel.

As a Wilmark Council member, Kyra is excited to help guide the Dynasty as it continues to provide a gaming home for nerds, misfits, and dreamers.

Aimee Celeste

Title: Social Media / "Cat Herder"